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This blog is going to share some useful information about sex toys.
Porn can give a slightly skewed version of how a tit wank works

Titwanking is something that you see a lot in porn. Which naturally means that a lot of people want to try it. It can be difficult at first though, figuring out who goes where and what would make it easier.Titwanking is when a man thrusts his penis between the breasts until he's climaxed or you're both ready to move on to something else. It can be combined with oral stimulation of the shaft and head of the penis for him, as well as nipple play for her.

There are loads of ways to give a titwank that make it enjoyable for both partners.Porn can give a slightly skewed version of how a tit wank works; not everyone is amazingly flexible with massive boobs, after all.This practical guide will give you some ideas on how to give a tit wank and explain some ways to make it an enjoyable experience for both of you.We also have a range of tit wank sex toys that are great for getting the same sensation without a partner.Want to give the perfect tit wank? Just add lubeA slippery tit wank is a good tit wank. Lots of lube between her breasts creates smooth movements for his shaft and added comfort for her. Some of the best lubes that you can use are ones that add textureor warmth.A water-based lube is a great place to start, add lashings before you begin and top up as you go along. Silicone lubes are also brilliant for tit wanks, because they stay slippery and smooth without drying out and going sticky.If you want something a.

ade flashlight can be conveniently camouflaged as an innocent can of potato chips," says the site. Yes, camouflaged right up to the moment that your mum comes round and reaches for the pre-dinner nibbles...Over at Steady Health there's a fantastic thread which details how to turn a towel and a rubber glove into an uncannily realistic fake vagina. It does sound fantastically complicated though. I know I'm biased, but I would suggest that treating yourself to a male sex toy from my blog is a lot less hassle (and, dare I.

nd £30 will provide one woman at the City of Joy with an intensive two-week self-defence program (led by Dolphin Anti-Rape and AIDS Control Outreach) that has helped thousands of girls in Africa learn critical self-defence techniques.

Vulval Pain SocietyThe Vulval Pain Society£15 will help fund a one-day information and support workshop for up to 60 women in the UK who may be experiencing physical and emotional trauma as a result of vulval pain. And for only £5, you can help the VPS can produce and distribute a resource file (containing key facts and guidelines on vulval pain) to GPs and practice nurses working in primary care. This vital information will help a woman presenting with vulval pain get a correct diagnosis and treatment. So theres lots of great causes to support this year, ladiez! 100% of your contribution goes straight to the charities, and from the 10th December, the Sh! girlz will send you or the recipient of your gift a specially designed fridge-magnet, as a little thank-you for supporting a practical and worthwhile cause this Christmas.Share|.


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