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This blog is going to share some useful information about sex toys.

First the slaps were very light and they gradually got harder. I winced at the pain I felt but it was such a pleasurable pain and it did indeed leave a red imprint on my buttock. It was easy to hold and afterwards Jake told me that he felt left out so I returned the favour. I gave the paddle a big swing and slapped him hard with it and he absolutely loved it, as did.

Now we both have matching imprints on our right buttock and have decided that once it has gone we definitely want to try out another paddle.So would I recommend this HELL YEAH! Whether you are into bondage or are a beginner then .

ou like on their. A new plaything hehe!!!!Jake is at work and Mrs Green has knocked on to ask about Jake. She couldnt quite believe it when i told her the doctors couldnt find anything wrong with Jake and tried to persuade me to go back to the hospital and demand they che.

told Jake about the way I felt and he said it was only natural to feel that way. To cheer me up he ordered us a take away and nipped out to get a couple of bottles of wine. We had a lovely evening and when we adjourned to the bedroom he headed straight for my treasure box; or our treasure box as it was now called. He had a twinkle in his eye as he pulled out a box saying DOOR PLAY KIT on it. Hmmmmm what had he got planned now???He removed it from the box and we found it very easy to assemble. He threw it over the door and jammed the door shut. Then he approached me with that playful look I had so missed. He removed my clothes slowly and told me to stay in my underwear, then led me over to the door.

He placed my hands in the cuffs and pushed my back against the door.He began kissing my body all over, gently nipping in places. When he reached my nipples, he nipped at them gently and i let out a yelp, begging for him to take me. I just wanted to run ny fingers through his hair but i couldnt move my hands. I felt as though I was in a dungeon and i was his sex slave. I was getting so turned on an.


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