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This blog is going to share some useful information about sex toys.
if not THE BEST!!! What can I say???

I tried too hard to orgasm, leading to a non-orgasmical sex encounter.I have researched this and have discovered that if you learn to relax while making love and learn to wind down your brain you will find it much easier. As us women know there is always something on our minds eating away at us and worrying us but ladies all you need to do is to block it out to experience a truly amazing.

in bed yet again. I just want to get back on my feet, I have things to do and my treasure box will have cobwebs on it soon haha!!!Stay safe gu.

t from being a very expensive week, it has been one of the best weeks of my life, if not THE BEST!!! What can I say???

I am hooked, and he seems that way too. I suggested that we go out for a drink tonight but his face said it all; so I think another night of lovemaking is ahead of me...but do you hear me complaining? Never, because the sex is amazing and I have him all to myself.So what have you got planned for tonight my lovely readers? I hope it involves a little intimacy in.


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