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Love balls have quickly become one the fastest selling sex toys ever

By JoannaIf you've read Fifty Shades of Grey, yo ll know all about the wonders of these silver balls, but now you can witness the desire first hand with the FSOG Official Pleasure Collection male masturbators .Since the publication of the infamous books sex life, love balls have quickly become one the fastest selling sex toys ever… At times in 2012, it seemed like Europe had entirely sold out!So, i s no surprise that the FSOG Silver Balls are on the Sh! Girlz 2012 Picks List.From.

sexpert Annabelle Knight,Laura from Customer Care(of Adam's Cock fame), me, Hella, my blog Co-Founder Neal Slateford (sometimes know as 'The Professor') andmy blog's Head Buyer Bonny Hall - all brandishing Happy Rabbits!Click to enlarge the photo and read the interviews, .


his could be a result of education cutbacks, or flexitime due to his personal circumstances, so will not affect the overall score.(In fact, his work-life balance may be under threat as he feels the need to specify that he does not work at weekends.Overall: a very good effort 7/10 adult sex toys. learn something new each time this blog is updated, so I hope it will be around for a long time!?The blog author is looking for user submissions, so if you have a picture of a blackboard in porn (SFW or otherwise), email blackboardsinporn AT


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