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This is something women can be prone to lelo gigi

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Also, this might sound crazy, but make sure you go to the loo properly. Thrush may not have been the bane of my life, but cystitis has been, and it’s remarkable how it can be possible to think you have had a pee, then realize you didn’t do all of it. Might save your bacon for that unexpected moment of hilarity or sneezing!Brittle bones. This is something women can be prone to lelo gigi. The answer, inasmuch as there is one, is weight bearing exercise. If you want to, or you are too posh to do your own housework then go to the gym. Personally, I’m doing what I can within the limitations of my health conditions. You know what’s weight bearing?

ons produced by tickler are intensified. Sweep the feathers sensually over their body to awaken every nerve ending and prepare them for a night of exquisite pleasure.Lelo Massage Oil Spicy Clove & Amber - 24.99Move on from gentle strokes to a deep, relaxing massage. This sleek massage oil treads the perfect balance between being easily absorbed and yet slick enough for a long-lasting massage. With its sweet scent, your lover will experience a scrumptious smell as well as your sensual touch.From the scent to the smooth iridescent sheen (from 24 carat gold flakes), it's the ideal way to put a smile on your lover's face.Nookii - 24.99Once you've awakened your partner's senses it's time to start playing Nookii, the ultimate game for playful lovers. Open to sexy interpretation, it's easy to get carried away together.With its combination of timer, dice and increasingly suggestive cards, you never know what's coming or how long you'll be doing it for! By the time you get to the highest intensity of play, you'll be ready to move on to the main course...The Main EventYou've laid the groundwork for an unforgettable night, so make sure you give the same care and attention to the main event as you have to foreplay. To make Valentine's Night one to remember, try out something new to surprise and delight your lover.Vajazzle Multi Hearts - 4.99Whether you decide to perform a sexy striptease or let your lover undress you, surprise your partner by revealing your body adorned with sparkling diamanté shapes. Choose your favourite design and decorate any part of your body you desire.Vajazzle transfers are easy to apply and don't just have to be used on intimate areas - they look great everywhere, from hip to stomach to décolletage.Pasante Wild Strawberry Flavoured Lubricant - 3.99Succu.

isposable gussets? Develop a no sense of humour rule? And no sneezing. Definitely no sneezing. If you know you are prone to this why not carry a spare pair of knickers with you to change into? Nobody wants to be stuck with peed on pants but a clean pair doesn’t take up much room, they can even fit in a pocket. Yoga. You don’t need to do the duration of a class every day, but a little down faced dog and some cows and cats and the like keeps a girl limber, and could help with bone density. Because bones don’t have an automatic delivery system in the way of a constant blood supply the only way to top them up is to ‘push’ them. Exercise kills more than one bird per stone, so just work out what it is you LIKE doing and do that. It’ll help with your sleep, too.That same NHS page also outlines some common side effects of HRTfluid retentionbloatingbreast tenderness or swelling headaches indigestion bear that little lot in mind, too, before you bite the magic bullet.***A Word to the WiseI do use one hormone. And it’s a good one. Because of the migraines, and the really AWFULNESS of hormonal ones I have used progesterone based contraception for many years. I have had injections and pills over the years, but eventually I started getting some side effects so I was offered the Mirena coil. I’d never fancied coils much, since I always imagined they would stab you to death from the inside. This despite there NEVER being any headlines about women being stabbed to death by their coils. Regular coils are, again, a no no for the migraineur, since they actually make periods heavier (and with endometriosis in my picture, too, any blood is too much blood, so too much blood is WAY too much blood). The Mirena coil, however, has a tiny release of progesterone which near enough stops periods entirely. This genius piece of engineering is staying in until it is ALL OVER. It’s quite new, and maybe it’s a bit expensive, because it was slightly tricky to get, but you know, they actually use it instead of hysterectomy, so efficacious is it.. And this, bubs, can also be good for seeing off any cheeky little womb cancers that think they might like living in your pouch. If you have endometriosis WHETHER YOU ARE GAY OR STRAIGHT I’d say get one of these bad boys inserted at your earliest convenience. I don’t want to be a scaremonger, but I went to two funerals this year both lesbians with cancer, and, despite not being a doctor, I suspect at least one of them might have been preventable if the woman in question had considered a coil.So there you have it. Take hormones if you want to, but beware of overdoing the oestrogen. If you are in any doubt about the ramifications of oestrogen on our systems then take a look at the movie Pink Ribbons, Inc.10675.jpg
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