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This blog is going to share some useful information about sex toys.
best sex toys hot fantasies and a good dollop of lube all do help

Those who love oral sex know that the 69 position is a great way of making sure that both partners get all of the pleasure and attention they deserve.Everyone has a different preference about how they position themselves during 69, who goes on top? Do you compromise and go for it side by side?Our most recent poll: 'Which is your favourite 69 position?' has ended and we've discovered that my blog customers generally prefer 69 with the woman on top.55% of those who voted said that they preferred it when it was, 'her on top'.That's the lelo vibrator.

it’s one out-dated statement after another. Whilst its true some women do suffer from low libido ( and they should be given proper advice, help & encouragement not judgemental twaddle) ?its also true that there are also women who get hugely turned on when sex (in their preferred shape and form) is on offer, and that their arousal may indeed come from seeing their lovers undressed… Nakedness is sexy! There is plenty more, but we’ll leave it for now. The Sh! Girlz have unanimously decided that this is a book that won’t be sold in our shops – but if Jane Thomas would like to come in and discuss 21th century sex in a frank and honest manner, we are her girls!.

E LOVE bodystockings!!! I find them very flattering: like being naked but decorated and they emphasise feminine curves maginficently." (KittyPurry)"I love bodystockings. I think they can look gorgeous with the right shaped ones that accentuate your figure. I'm not a fan of the fishnet ones either. It can have an amazing effect on your confidence and turn you into a minx." x X x While others expressed the way they fear they make the body look "like a potato in an sock" (BashfulBabe) or "like bound sausagemeat" (Tigerlilies).A rare species, one .

is for long enough to guarantee an orgasm; and*Escape into fantasy to block out any negative thoughts or distractions!!!I am not saying that these approaches do not work. Presumably they work for the people who suggest them. I am just saying that they do not work for me. Anyway isn’t female orgasm during sex supposed to happen ‘spontaneously’ as it does for men? * yes! she really did say that!For some women orgasm does happen spontaneously its not entirely unheard of. However, muscular tension, sexual tension, deep breathing, good positioning, and others best sex toys hot fantasies and a good dollop of lube all do help! Prepare for sex by having a towel and waterproof sheet to protect the bed. This means that you don’t have to worry about marking the sheets and you can also use baby oil or other lubricant freelyStraight up ladiez; don’t use baby oil as lubrication. The market is awash with good, body-friendly lubes that’ll ensure vaginal health, give no thrushy-side effects and won’t melt your condoms. Come see the Sh! Girlz and we’ll help you find one that suits your individual needs. Most women who learn how to orgasm during sex do so only after many years with the same man Really? We firmly believe ‘most women’ learn how to orgasm during me-time. (And we’ve heard that some women even learn during hot one night stands with strangers…) What we are saying is, the way a woman learns to come isn’t necessarily important – just go with the flow, wherever feels good..! The vaginal opening is one of absolute difference between the sexes. However, unless you want a baby there is no need to be overly distracted by the vagina .. The vagina is part of the birth canal and so it has very few nerve endings. A woman is unlikely to feel a man’s penis inside her even if he is built like a horse Is Ms Thomas is basing her sweeping statements purely on her own experience? We talk to 10,000s of women every year who can?definitely feel?swerves or bumps along the shafts of their vibrators; some women like bumpy shafts, some don’t! Ms Thomas, are you telling these women that they are mistaken that actually they cant feel the difference between a smooth shaft and a ridged one?! Yours truly, for example, has a favoured glass dildo, much loved for its external bumpy design, which in turn leads to intense internal pleasure.
Squeeze your pc muscle Jane, squeeze your pc!… If the vaginal muscles are somewhat out of shape, we recommend a good set of vaginal balls to help with toning – it makes all the difference! women are not motivated to seek other more explicit forms of genital stimulation during sex because (1) they do not approach sex already aroused, and (2) female arousal does not arise from an appreciation of a lovers’ body The Sh! Girlz are quite astounded by the number of howlers in the book –


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