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This blog is going to share some useful information about sex toys.
sing its specially good if you like rubbing and grinding play

On each Tuesday in June, 10% of our sales will go to the Q Center, the wonderful LGBTQ community center just around the corner from us in North Portland. The Q Center is an absolute gem of an organization; heres their description of what they do:Q Center is a 501c3 non-profit organization with a mission to increase the visibility of and foster connection within metropolitan Portlands Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Questioning (LGBTQ) community. The center builds public awareness and support, and.

sing its specially good if you like rubbing and grinding play. ?Best of all, the clit stimulator is double-sided, so it can please two ladiez at once, allowing you and your girl to get very some very close clit contact!Joya Little Su Tulip - BlackThe Joya Little Su Tulip is a yummy vibrating dildo which is very good for sharing! With one buzz in the shaft, and another in the clit stimulator, the Little Su Tulip is also worn internally, and is great to do some Kegel prac.

al to someone with more specialist knowledge. Alternatively your local family planning clinic can sometimes offer psychosexual advice.If you’re able to pay for counselling, try Relate but specify you want sex therapy rather than relationship help. The College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT) may be useful too – they offer a comprehensive range of treatments with experienced therapists. It’s a national charity that’s been established for over thirty years, and until recently it was known as The British Association for Sexual and Relationship Therapy (BASRT). Contact them on 020 8543 2707 or frank and funny, actress and presenter Julie Peasgood delivers practical information to transform your sex life. The Greatest Guide to Sex explores the world of eroticism, revealing secrets and techniques that will energise and enhance your enjoyment..

Can be accused of being the average realistic male masturbator

Forget Boyzone, Vajazzling was the star of the show on Channel 5 yesterday afternoon when my blog's Hannah demonstrated how to turn a plain-Jane nether region into a sparkling diamond mine.Sex Toys TV presenter Annabelle Knight was the willing victim, er, volunteer as The Vanessa Show drafted in Hannah for a live de.

se a studio; it is too controlled and contrived for me in general. I tend to like something more immediate and real. Tell us a bit more about what inspired your exhibition at Sh!I have been contemplating having an exhibition for a while now and then I saw Sh! tweeting about looking for artists for 2013 and it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Finding venues is a tough thing and without places like Sh! to support artists like me it can?be hard to get your work seen. I am immensely grateful and proud to be hosting my first show at Sh! What do you feel inspires you as a photographic artist?My work is very self portrait focused at present and so my inspiration is my life, my thoughts, my D/s relationship with my husband and my own personal challenges to myself.?Sometimes I want to show the sexy me, or the sensual me, or the vulnerable me, the deviant me, the dark me, the mysterious me my photography allows me to explore all of this as well as my relationship with myself but also my relationship with the viewer. Who inspires you as a photographic artist?I look at a LOT of other artists work and it often sparks ideas or inspires me to give something a try but in general I am inspired by life. My photography is very experimental, I have found that just giving it a go can lead to interesting results and also helps me to constantly learn what does and doesnt work. As well as this, the Scavenger Hunt project, which is about taking erotic images in public places has certainly been a huge inspiration and focus in quite a lot of my work on my blog. What are you working on at the moment?I am always working; my.

Can be accused of being the average realistic male masturbator. The internal sleeve is a vivid blue colour with a realistic vagina entry that has not one, but two clitorises. Some humanoid alien species have all of the luck! True to form, the Alien Fleshlight has its own unique texture that is an amalgamation of three of the top Fleshlight sleeves - Vortex, Speed Bump and Lotus. This trio of intense textures makes ‘going where no man has gone before’ the best idea since Starfleet had Sisko posted in the Gamma Quadrant.A real-feel alien vagina that won’t take lightyears to reach your bedroom? Awesome!.

This depends how much girth your partner likes though…And finally

The my blog Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator hit the big time in the US after being featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.The Sqweel featured in the 'better products for you.

rl yet – working on it.Side-by-side works really well – I found the disadvantage of having the guy on top is the broadness of the shaft. It’s tricky for him to move down because the shaft does get really thick towards the base…

This depends how much girth your partner likes though…And finally, I also really like the shaft as a solo toy – it’s got this amazing G-spot curve that really works for me!Mantric Sysil Vibrating Double DildoThe Mantric SysilThis toy has one amazing design feature that had me instantly interested – the FlexLock, which lets you change the angle of the shaft in relation to the egg. Wow – these designers clearly went out and asked people what makes strapless strap-on play tricky, because it is so often about getting the angle right. The Sysil’s made of very firm silicone so it’s quite stiff and easy to control. Plus – vibrating bullet in the base! And not only the vibe but a bump in the silicone for direct clit play.

I was really struck with this, but unfortunately it didn’t work too well in practise. The tiny hole in the silicone (design feature, not a flaw, I hasten to add!) was a bit more irritating than sexy for my clit, and though I tried out all three angles I couldn’t find one where the vibe sat comfortably against me. However – my boyfriend loved it (he’s a big fan of any sort of buzz!) I also suspect it would be amazing to use with a girl – the bump looks really well-placed to please two clits at once…The shaft was pretty, very elegantly decorated, but not really my style (as I mentioned, I’m a semi-realism fan.) The Sysil strikes me as a gorgeous toy for a girl who likes toys to .

ging very seriously at my blog. We know that discretion and privacy are important and take every step possible to ensure that you have the best shopping and delivery experience possible.Over time more videos will be uploaded to our my blogTV YouTube account, so subscribe and stay updated!.

This is something women can be prone to lelo gigi

Great fun to use alone or with a partner, a stroker is thesex toy that no man shouldbe without.However, we know that each man prefers different sensations, so we've introduced our range ofthree brand new, great value, my blog Double Strokers.From Wild (pink) to Intense (clear) to Extreme (black), each my blog Double Stroker gives you two sensations for the price of one - and a total of 6 textures to experiment with in the range.With each costing just 12.99, you can build up your collection for the most satisfying and varied masturbation and foreplay.Read on to get the lowdown about the three new my blog strokers, and don't forget to ch.

Also, this might sound crazy, but make sure you go to the loo properly. Thrush may not have been the bane of my life, but cystitis has been, and it’s remarkable how it can be possible to think you have had a pee, then realize you didn’t do all of it. Might save your bacon for that unexpected moment of hilarity or sneezing!Brittle bones. This is something women can be prone to lelo gigi. The answer, inasmuch as there is one, is weight bearing exercise. If you want to, or you are too posh to do your own housework then go to the gym. Personally, I’m doing what I can within the limitations of my health conditions. You know what’s weight bearing?

ons produced by tickler are intensified. Sweep the feathers sensually over their body to awaken every nerve ending and prepare them for a night of exquisite pleasure.Lelo Massage Oil Spicy Clove & Amber - 24.99Move on from gentle strokes to a deep, relaxing massage. This sleek massage oil treads the perfect balance between being easily absorbed and yet slick enough for a long-lasting massage. With its sweet scent, your lover will experience a scrumptious smell as well as your sensual touch.From the scent to the smooth iridescent sheen (from 24 carat gold flakes), it's the ideal way to put a smile on your lover's face.Nookii - 24.99Once you've awakened your partner's senses it's time to start playing Nookii, the ultimate game for playful lovers. Open to sexy interpretation, it's easy to get carried away together.With its combination of timer, dice and increasingly suggestive cards, you never know what's coming or how long you'll be doing it for! By the time you get to the highest intensity of play, you'll be ready to move on to the main course...The Main EventYou've laid the groundwork for an unforgettable night, so make sure you give the same care and attention to the main event as you have to foreplay. To make Valentine's Night one to remember, try out something new to surprise and delight your lover.Vajazzle Multi Hearts - 4.99Whether you decide to perform a sexy striptease or let your lover undress you, surprise your partner by revealing your body adorned with sparkling diamanté shapes. Choose your favourite design and decorate any part of your body you desire.Vajazzle transfers are easy to apply and don't just have to be used on intimate areas - they look great everywhere, from hip to stomach to décolletage.Pasante Wild Strawberry Flavoured Lubricant - 3.99Succu.

isposable gussets? Develop a no sense of humour rule? And no sneezing. Definitely no sneezing. If you know you are prone to this why not carry a spare pair of knickers with you to change into? Nobody wants to be stuck with peed on pants but a clean pair doesn’t take up much room, they can even fit in a pocket. Yoga. You don’t need to do the duration of a class every day, but a little down faced dog and some cows and cats and the like keeps a girl limber, and could help with bone density. Because bones don’t have an automatic delivery system in the way of a constant blood supply the only way to top them up is to ‘push’ them. Exercise kills more than one bird per stone, so just work out what it is you LIKE doing and do that. It’ll help with your sleep, too.That same NHS page also outlines some common side effects of HRTfluid retentionbloatingbreast tenderness or swelling headaches indigestion bear that little lot in mind, too, before you bite the magic bullet.***A Word to the WiseI do use one hormone. And it’s a good one. Because of the migraines, and the really AWFULNESS of hormonal ones I have used progesterone based contraception for many years. I have had injections and pills over the years, but eventually I started getting some side effects so I was offered the Mirena coil. I’d never fancied coils much, since I always imagined they would stab you to death from the inside. This despite there NEVER being any headlines about women being stabbed to death by their coils. Regular coils are, again, a no no for the migraineur, since they actually make periods heavier (and with endometriosis in my picture, too, any blood is too much blood, so too much blood is WAY too much blood). The Mirena coil, however, has a tiny release of progesterone which near enough stops periods entirely. This genius piece of engineering is staying in until it is ALL OVER. It’s quite new, and maybe it’s a bit expensive, because it was slightly tricky to get, but you know, they actually use it instead of hysterectomy, so efficacious is it.. And this, bubs, can also be good for seeing off any cheeky little womb cancers that think they might like living in your pouch. If you have endometriosis WHETHER YOU ARE GAY OR STRAIGHT I’d say get one of these bad boys inserted at your earliest convenience. I don’t want to be a scaremonger, but I went to two funerals this year both lesbians with cancer, and, despite not being a doctor, I suspect at least one of them might have been preventable if the woman in question had considered a coil.So there you have it. Take hormones if you want to, but beware of overdoing the oestrogen. If you are in any doubt about the ramifications of oestrogen on our systems then take a look at the movie Pink Ribbons, Inc.10675.jpg
View trailer?Here!!!************************************************************You can read more of Elaine over on her blogShe also runs a professional development company called Training With Awareness their fb page is here.welcome to our online sex toys shop:sextoysbrand

best sex toys hot fantasies and a good dollop of lube all do help

Those who love oral sex know that the 69 position is a great way of making sure that both partners get all of the pleasure and attention they deserve.Everyone has a different preference about how they position themselves during 69, who goes on top? Do you compromise and go for it side by side?Our most recent poll: 'Which is your favourite 69 position?' has ended and we've discovered that my blog customers generally prefer 69 with the woman on top.55% of those who voted said that they preferred it when it was, 'her on top'.That's the lelo vibrator.

it’s one out-dated statement after another. Whilst its true some women do suffer from low libido ( and they should be given proper advice, help & encouragement not judgemental twaddle) ?its also true that there are also women who get hugely turned on when sex (in their preferred shape and form) is on offer, and that their arousal may indeed come from seeing their lovers undressed… Nakedness is sexy! There is plenty more, but we’ll leave it for now. The Sh! Girlz have unanimously decided that this is a book that won’t be sold in our shops – but if Jane Thomas would like to come in and discuss 21th century sex in a frank and honest manner, we are her girls!.

E LOVE bodystockings!!! I find them very flattering: like being naked but decorated and they emphasise feminine curves maginficently." (KittyPurry)"I love bodystockings. I think they can look gorgeous with the right shaped ones that accentuate your figure. I'm not a fan of the fishnet ones either. It can have an amazing effect on your confidence and turn you into a minx." x X x While others expressed the way they fear they make the body look "like a potato in an sock" (BashfulBabe) or "like bound sausagemeat" (Tigerlilies).A rare species, one .

is for long enough to guarantee an orgasm; and*Escape into fantasy to block out any negative thoughts or distractions!!!I am not saying that these approaches do not work. Presumably they work for the people who suggest them. I am just saying that they do not work for me. Anyway isn’t female orgasm during sex supposed to happen ‘spontaneously’ as it does for men? * yes! she really did say that!For some women orgasm does happen spontaneously its not entirely unheard of. However, muscular tension, sexual tension, deep breathing, good positioning, and others best sex toys hot fantasies and a good dollop of lube all do help! Prepare for sex by having a towel and waterproof sheet to protect the bed. This means that you don’t have to worry about marking the sheets and you can also use baby oil or other lubricant freelyStraight up ladiez; don’t use baby oil as lubrication. The market is awash with good, body-friendly lubes that’ll ensure vaginal health, give no thrushy-side effects and won’t melt your condoms. Come see the Sh! Girlz and we’ll help you find one that suits your individual needs. Most women who learn how to orgasm during sex do so only after many years with the same man Really? We firmly believe ‘most women’ learn how to orgasm during me-time. (And we’ve heard that some women even learn during hot one night stands with strangers…) What we are saying is, the way a woman learns to come isn’t necessarily important – just go with the flow, wherever feels good..! The vaginal opening is one of absolute difference between the sexes. However, unless you want a baby there is no need to be overly distracted by the vagina .. The vagina is part of the birth canal and so it has very few nerve endings. A woman is unlikely to feel a man’s penis inside her even if he is built like a horse Is Ms Thomas is basing her sweeping statements purely on her own experience? We talk to 10,000s of women every year who can?definitely feel?swerves or bumps along the shafts of their vibrators; some women like bumpy shafts, some don’t! Ms Thomas, are you telling these women that they are mistaken that actually they cant feel the difference between a smooth shaft and a ridged one?! Yours truly, for example, has a favoured glass dildo, much loved for its external bumpy design, which in turn leads to intense internal pleasure.
Squeeze your pc muscle Jane, squeeze your pc!… If the vaginal muscles are somewhat out of shape, we recommend a good set of vaginal balls to help with toning – it makes all the difference! women are not motivated to seek other more explicit forms of genital stimulation during sex because (1) they do not approach sex already aroused, and (2) female arousal does not arise from an appreciation of a lovers’ body The Sh! Girlz are quite astounded by the number of howlers in the book –

buying four times more sex toys than Oxford students

Every month, my blog customers upload photographs of themselves modelling lingerie bought from the site in the hope of becoming the Model of the Month and winning 100 to spend on sex toys, lingerie or costumes.Our winner this month is the aptly named Posie who showed incredible consistency over 29 (!) photos submitted during October. She followed all the tips for creating a great sexy photo.

on, buying four times more sex toys than Oxford students.Amongst the most popular products bought by Cambridge's seemingly rather affluent students are luxury vibrators, such as the Lelo Liv Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator. Oxford students lived up to their bookish reputations, spending 2.3 times the national average on erotic books. The romantically inclined Oxford students spend 2.2 times the national average on sex toys for couples, perhaps indicating their.

much like the way you breathe when you’re nervous or in a hurry. It may take a bit longer to build up to an orgasm while breathing this way, but we’d recommend trying it and seeing what works best for you.Hope all this helps – please do give us a shout with any more questions,Love,The Sh! Girlz.

ut by yourself – maybe switch off the phone, and have a nice bath or a glass of wine, or whatever helps you to relax, before play. It’s generally much easier for ladiez to reach an orgasm if they’re not thinking and stressing about it. ID Pleasure Stimulating LubricantWe would also recommend using?lubricant, not just when playing solo but also with your lovely boyfriend. Lube simply adds sensuality and enhances?sensations which means youll feel more. A stimulating lubricant like?ID Pleasure?Lubricant is designed to help increase blood flow which will help increase sensitivity. We’d also suggest paying attention to how you breathe when you’re turned on. Lots of ladiez hold their breath as they get close to coming, which sometimes helps and sometimes doesn’t. Instead, we’d suggest taking short rapid breaths as you become aroused

Porn can give a slightly skewed version of how a tit wank works

Titwanking is something that you see a lot in porn. Which naturally means that a lot of people want to try it. It can be difficult at first though, figuring out who goes where and what would make it easier.Titwanking is when a man thrusts his penis between the breasts until he's climaxed or you're both ready to move on to something else. It can be combined with oral stimulation of the shaft and head of the penis for him, as well as nipple play for her.

There are loads of ways to give a titwank that make it enjoyable for both partners.Porn can give a slightly skewed version of how a tit wank works; not everyone is amazingly flexible with massive boobs, after all.This practical guide will give you some ideas on how to give a tit wank and explain some ways to make it an enjoyable experience for both of you.We also have a range of tit wank sex toys that are great for getting the same sensation without a partner.Want to give the perfect tit wank? Just add lubeA slippery tit wank is a good tit wank. Lots of lube between her breasts creates smooth movements for his shaft and added comfort for her. Some of the best lubes that you can use are ones that add textureor warmth.A water-based lube is a great place to start, add lashings before you begin and top up as you go along. Silicone lubes are also brilliant for tit wanks, because they stay slippery and smooth without drying out and going sticky.If you want something a.

ade flashlight can be conveniently camouflaged as an innocent can of potato chips," says the site. Yes, camouflaged right up to the moment that your mum comes round and reaches for the pre-dinner nibbles...Over at Steady Health there's a fantastic thread which details how to turn a towel and a rubber glove into an uncannily realistic fake vagina. It does sound fantastically complicated though. I know I'm biased, but I would suggest that treating yourself to a male sex toy from my blog is a lot less hassle (and, dare I.

nd £30 will provide one woman at the City of Joy with an intensive two-week self-defence program (led by Dolphin Anti-Rape and AIDS Control Outreach) that has helped thousands of girls in Africa learn critical self-defence techniques.

Vulval Pain SocietyThe Vulval Pain Society£15 will help fund a one-day information and support workshop for up to 60 women in the UK who may be experiencing physical and emotional trauma as a result of vulval pain. And for only £5, you can help the VPS can produce and distribute a resource file (containing key facts and guidelines on vulval pain) to GPs and practice nurses working in primary care. This vital information will help a woman presenting with vulval pain get a correct diagnosis and treatment. So theres lots of great causes to support this year, ladiez! 100% of your contribution goes straight to the charities, and from the 10th December, the Sh! girlz will send you or the recipient of your gift a specially designed fridge-magnet, as a little thank-you for supporting a practical and worthwhile cause this Christmas.Share|.

Massage is very sensuous and relaxing

Monday mornings aren’t often seen as the most exciting week but, for me, today was the last Monday before Eroticon 2012, which makes it very exciting!Icame up with the idea for Eroticon in May 2011 and ten months later I’ll see all my hard work come alive on Saturday as I open the doors to the UK’s first conference for sex bloggers and erotica writers and I couldn’t be more excited.I’m excited to meet the speakers, some that I’ve never met before or only conversed with over email and many of whom I admire or inspire me in some way and some I’m just plain intrigued by. I’m excited to meet bloggers and writers that I’ve r.30190.jpg

d have advanced throughout history. will explain the different types of toys, what they are used for and what they are made from, including vibrators, dildos, kegel exercisers, anal toys, toys for BDSM and more. Of course, dont forget one of the most important things of all yes, that would be lube! AJ will go over the di.

ith your partner. Massage is very sensuous and relaxing, and is fantastic for long intimate sessions together. Wed suggest trying a luxurious massage oil like Geisha Harmony or Lush Touch. (Please note, though oils can break down latex, so its important to keep massage oil well away from condoms during a session).Its always fun to try new things, and we recommend a little bit of tie-and-tease play if thats something youd be interested in trying. Try out some simple handcuffs and maybe a blindfold, and take turns to tease and be teased. Ostrich feathers are great for teasing with, too!Hope this helps please give us a shout if you have any more questions.In the end, i recommend a sex toys shop, i hope you like it.

Following the airing of More Sex Please
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Sexy costumes for men are a tricky thing to get right

If it's not Fifty Shades of Grey titillating the nation this summer, it's Magic Mike - a film about a troupe of red-hot male strippers starring Channing Tatum. In the interests of sexual happiness (ahem) a group from my blog went to see it. While we weren’t really sure what to expect, one thing was certain: the film was going to be filled with buff ting men grinding, gyrating and pumping in some seriously sexy stripper outfits. Magic Mike has given us a lot of fantastic ideas about costumes for men and what is (and isn’t) sexy when it comes to a male stripper outfit. Sexy costumes for men are a tricky thing to get right, but one thing we’ve learned is that sometimes the hottest looks are the simplest and easiest to achieve. Here are our top suggestions for sexy male stripper sets. .box .blocklink {display: block;text-align: center;}.box {border-bottom: 0;}#blog .post img {margin: 0 auto;}#nblog {margin-right: 0;}#nblog li {list-style:none;}.bd iframe{min-height:400px} Naked Butler / Kinky Waiter The naked butler ranks highly in the female fantasy stakes and it’s a relatively easy look to achieve. You can either go for a complete stripper set solution like the PPU Thong with Collar and Bow Tie (pictured left, 14.99) are create you.

eekends in November at theaters in Portland, Seattle, and Olympia, then destroyed in front of the audience at the final screening.Best of all, there are cash prizes! There is a $1,000 first prize and $250 runner-up for the categories Best Humor, Best Kink, and Best Sex, and a whopping $5,000 grand prize for Best in Show. Winners are determined by audience ballot, which is always fun.The extra credit props this year are sweater vests, lesbian sex, and packing peanuts. Submissions must be no more than 5 minutes long and can be dropped off or mailed .

ery popular Keychain Vibe: Silver Bullet is on sale toothe original keyring vibrator, perfect to carry with you wherever you go (or to tuck away at the back of your sock drawer, if you prefer) the Keychain Vibe: Silver Bullet has a powerful buzz and is fantastic for stong clit stimulation!Theres lots more reduced prices on sex toys in our Sh! Sale check them out here, or visit our Hoxton and Portobello stores for unique offers!Share|.

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