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This blog is going to share some useful information about sex toys.
Rabbit or dual vibe guidance

If you write a sex toy review for my blog, you could be in with a chance to win a rather splendid 100 to spend on whatever you like!Review of the MonthHaving racked up 99 customer reviews, we felt this review by laceandglitter summed up precisely why the my blog Magic Wand Deluxe Massager has proved to be such a phenomenally popular toy."I received this as a gift from my boyfriend a couple of months ago. I intended to review it earlier, but I just haven't been able to leave the bedroom since then! Seriously, though, this is the best vibrator I own. I sometimes think it's the best one I'll ever own."Read the full review by laceandglitter.Each month we also choose a selection of highly commended reviews and reward them each with a whopping 2,000 my blog Oh! .

yfriend Bossy are perfect for that. If you prefer more direct stimulation, or even pressure, on your clit, the LELO Ina, LELO Soraya, and OhMiBod Freestyle W provide that instead.Go by feelAlmost all of our dual vibes are made of silicone, but there is a lot of variation in texture and hardness. Toys like the LELO Soraya and Je Joue FiFi have a velvety smooth surface but are very firm to the touch, whereas toys like the Fun Factory Tango have more give to them. Harder vibes are ideal for targeted G-spot stimulation, but softer vibes have a more plush feel.

The only non-silicone dual vibes we carry are the Vibratex Rabbit Habit and Snuggle Puss, which are made of a body-safe elastomer.Ask yourself what kind of stimulation you likePower level is usually an important factor in any vibrator purchase, and its doubly important in the realm of dual vibes. There are both battery-powered and rechargeable dual toys. Some are equipped with a single motor, while others have two that can be controlled separately. Some have an array of vibration patterns to choose from.

The LELO Ina and LELO Soraya are our most powerful rabbits, and they also feature dual motors and vibration patterns.If youre a real power fiend, though, heres an interesting idea: what if you were to purchase a wand-style toy with an attachment? We carry?two attachments?for the Hitachi, and one for the Vibratex Mystic Wand, all of which provide internal and external stimulation simultaneously and mega power to boot!If youre intrigued by the classic rabbits set of beads in the shaft that rotate to stimulate the vaginal opening and walls, the?Vibratex Rabbit Habit?— which is the most similar to the rabbit made famous by?

Sex in the City?— should satisfy.?Similarly, the?Vibratex Violet?has a bulbous head that rotates in either direction, depending on your mood.A different style of dual vibe is the C-shaped type, of which there are several: We-Vibe 3, LELO Tiani, Rock Chick, and Snuggle Puss. These vibes especially the Rock Chick are ideal for folks who like hands free stimulation and more sh.

dage and submission. WHERE: Sh! HoxtonWHEN: 12 noon to 8pm, 3rd to 31st March. Gents are asked to come along with a lady friend when visiting the store.HOW MUCH: FreeShare|.

How to clean sex toys

Toy With Me Tuesday is a sex toy meme that Ness, a sex blogger, started when she realised that there were a lot of creative ways to take another look at the sex toys in our homes.We usually enter a photo every week, but we're taking a mini post-Valentine's break and have instead rounded up some of our favourite snaps of sex toys in a foodie setting. Some are from our own archive, while others are by talente.

ing them; otherwise the leftover moisture could encourage mold and mildew.When should sex toys be cleaned? Well, toys should definitely be washed when you first take them out of their package. They should also be cleaned as soon as possible after use, and sometimes even before use (if they have been stored away for a while).

Here are a few more general rules to keep in mind.Unplug and remove batteries from toys prior to washing them.If an electronic toy is not fully waterproof, take special care to avoid getting water in the charger socket, on the interface, or inside the casing.Remember that for any toy with mechanical parts, boiling and dishwasher cleaning are out of the question.Use condoms on toys that will be shared, and toys that are made of porous materials. After removing the condom, wash the toy as usual.Now, onto the materials!Pure siliconeSuch as Ella, Form 4,?Naughty Boy,?P.3 Stretch.100% silicone is a very hygienic material, as it is completely non-porous.

You have quite a few options for how to wash a silicone toy, especially if it does not have electronic parts. You can wash it with warm, soapy water. Or you can boil it, put it in the dishwasher, or clean it with a bleach solution. Remember, never boil a toy or put it in the dishwasher if it has any mechanical parts.PlasticSuch as Mia, Freestyle,?Aneros Helix, Energie.Plastic is rigid and non-porous.

Wash it with warm, soapy water, or wipe down with sex toy cleaner. Bleaching is also acceptable. Do not boil.Glass, metal, wood, ceramicAll of these hard materials are non-porous.Glass toys, such as Athena, can be washed with soap and water. Do not use an abrasive cleaner it may scratch or dull the surface of the glass.

Glass toys may also be boiled, bleached, or placed in the dishwasher. However, depending on the type of glass, the toy may be sensitive to?extreme?temperatures, so only boil it or place it in the dishwasher if you are certain it is made of sturdy borosilicate glass.Metal toys, such as the?Pure Wand,?can be treated with a bleach solution, boiled, or washed with soap and water. The dishwasher is not recommended for these toys, as some rinse agents are bad for some metals.

and scalpels, Lottes art is sensual, erotic and beautiful.Sh! Hoxton is open every day from 12 noon to 8pm. Gents are requested to visit accompanied by a lady.Share.

First the slaps were very light and they gradually got harder. I winced at the pain I felt but it was such a pleasurable pain and it did indeed leave a red imprint on my buttock. It was easy to hold and afterwards Jake told me that he felt left out so I returned the favour. I gave the paddle a big swing and slapped him hard with it and he absolutely loved it, as did.

Now we both have matching imprints on our right buttock and have decided that once it has gone we definitely want to try out another paddle.So would I recommend this HELL YEAH! Whether you are into bondage or are a beginner then .

ou like on their. A new plaything hehe!!!!Jake is at work and Mrs Green has knocked on to ask about Jake. She couldnt quite believe it when i told her the doctors couldnt find anything wrong with Jake and tried to persuade me to go back to the hospital and demand they che.

told Jake about the way I felt and he said it was only natural to feel that way. To cheer me up he ordered us a take away and nipped out to get a couple of bottles of wine. We had a lovely evening and when we adjourned to the bedroom he headed straight for my treasure box; or our treasure box as it was now called. He had a twinkle in his eye as he pulled out a box saying DOOR PLAY KIT on it. Hmmmmm what had he got planned now???He removed it from the box and we found it very easy to assemble. He threw it over the door and jammed the door shut. Then he approached me with that playful look I had so missed. He removed my clothes slowly and told me to stay in my underwear, then led me over to the door.

He placed my hands in the cuffs and pushed my back against the door.He began kissing my body all over, gently nipping in places. When he reached my nipples, he nipped at them gently and i let out a yelp, begging for him to take me. I just wanted to run ny fingers through his hair but i couldnt move my hands. I felt as though I was in a dungeon and i was his sex slave. I was getting so turned on an.

if not THE BEST!!! What can I say???

I tried too hard to orgasm, leading to a non-orgasmical sex encounter.I have researched this and have discovered that if you learn to relax while making love and learn to wind down your brain you will find it much easier. As us women know there is always something on our minds eating away at us and worrying us but ladies all you need to do is to block it out to experience a truly amazing.

in bed yet again. I just want to get back on my feet, I have things to do and my treasure box will have cobwebs on it soon haha!!!Stay safe gu.

t from being a very expensive week, it has been one of the best weeks of my life, if not THE BEST!!! What can I say???

I am hooked, and he seems that way too. I suggested that we go out for a drink tonight but his face said it all; so I think another night of lovemaking is ahead of me...but do you hear me complaining? Never, because the sex is amazing and I have him all to myself.So what have you got planned for tonight my lovely readers? I hope it involves a little intimacy in.

My review on the sex toys

As promised here is my review on the sex toy I tried out last night.The Ultrastud Soft Mount is a 8" pink vibrator and because of its mount you can stick it on the wall or to most surfaces for the ride of your lifetime.

I stuck mine onto the tiles in the bathroom and positioned it so it was the right height for my body. I gently slid onto it and the cool sensation of the jelly made me go ooooh ahhhh as soon as the vibrations k.

Not much better today guys and I have a cough now as well grrrrrr. It is awful; its one of those tickly coughs that drives you crazy. I.

Well hello there guys and gals. I trust you are well.I am still recovering from yesterday hehe!! Have you brought the under bed restraint yet? If not get on it now...I can promise you you will not regret it!Jake returned last night with a porn movi.

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